Imperial Cruisers hardpoint bug

It says it has 15 hardpoints/turret. I know hardpoints can be linked so i put 1 missile turret in a hardpoints and makes 3 on a link, but fully arming it only gets me 9 turrets. The center slot, while it does have the little white line saying the turrets put there will be linked in two places, is an equipment slot.

PS: The Legion also has 11 listed but only 10 on same for the Centurion, lists 12, has 10. The Imperator is the only cruiser with correct hardpoint/turrets. 9/9

PS2: Seems a LOT more ships are suffering from this erata. Doe sthis reflect on other stats aswell? If so… i’d best jus tstart picking the ships i like aesthetically better. -.-

You’re mixing up Standard modules (which are meant for non-weapons equipment) and weapons hardpoints, which are meant for weapons and non-weapons.
The Praetorian cruiser has 15 non weapons slots and 5 weapons hardpoints. So you’ll only be able to mount 5 weapons at most on it.
Btw the hardpoints spawning several weapons at once only count as one actually, it’s really just some eye candy.

My bet is you didn’t spend much time on the manual.

I was mixing them up, i blame it on being a late night and having ingest a lot of Mountain Dew. Though the multi-turret/eyecandy i did not know.