Imperial Just For Fun Challenge


“Just For Fun - a mid-sized Imperial Fleet featuring many cruiser and frigate variations. Please respond with your winning fleets - I would like to see what others are fielding. Cheers.”

I’ve put together an Imperial fleet which should not be overly challenging, and does not contain many duplicates of a given design - variety is the spice of life. Please let me know what you think. As time allows, I plan on fielding at least one such fleet for each race. I doubt I’ll challenge anyone, but the explosions should be gratuitous fun.

Have a great weekend, folks.

I submitted a second one, this time using Federation designs, which I think will be far easier to beat - I’m starting to think the Feds are even harder to win with than the Empire.

I did manage to beat your Imperial challenge (barely - 14% to 8% at win condition, then your last cruiser and mine both perished leaving me with about 3 frigates and a handful of fighters).

I’ve done fairly well with the Feds, to the point where I don’t often think about changing to other races. Really need to work on that and see if I can get some of my other fleets up to snuff. Empire is probably my second choice.

I’ll give it a try as I love balanced fleets and not mindless spam. They may not be as effective, but you get more gratuitous pew-pews

My challenge was meant to be easy, but based on the wins:attempts ratio, I gather it isn’t. I believe my mistake was to give very little extra resource room - you are stuck with the same limits I used. I’ll leave more headroom for future challenges - I plan on one per race.

This is definitely the opposite of spam - I’m fielding very few of the any one design, though with only a few hulls to choose from the fleets may look more uniform than they are.

i tried a lot of things to beat this, unfortunately those fighters kept destroying my frigates (which i use for penetrating shields quickly) which only left me with 4 cruisers and some fighters by the time i got close enough to start fighting your cruisers and frigates, i tried to make a frigate designed to take out fighters and it worked quite well but still wasn’t good enough… in the end the only way i could beat this challenge was with a big line of cruisers…
it was fun to try and beat this though and it did show a few weaknesses in my fleet designs.

I just tried a number of times to beat the federation one following the same rules-- that is, no more than 2 of a design. I got slaughtered each time; the best I’ve done is to get past what seem to be the ‘tank’ cruisers in the front without taking very much else down at all.

I know I’m a relative novice of GSB, so I’m not too surprised at my failure. I tried using rebel and fed fleets, both built around forward durable cruisers and rear shooting types, either based in plasma/beam or missile/beam. I’ve tried to have a few fighter teams focus on taking out the frigates, but for some reason rocket fighters set only to frigate (100%) and cautious, no other orders, utterly fail to even take out a single frigate. To be honest, I’m pretty stumped on the whole.

I feel I should emphasize, however, that playing by this ‘2 per design’ rule is much more fun than probing the next spam fleet. Even if I can’t get the satisfaction of winning, it doesn’t feel cheap.

I too had the problem of my frigates (which are the dps dealers in my fleets) getting spanked hard by those fighters. Then it was a matter of your ships slaughtering my few cruisers (I usually field one cruiser every 3 or 4 frigates). I think my fleet may have done better if I had planned my orders and deploying a bit longer. Of course I’ll try again.

If you are having fun with a two-per rule, I’m glad, but that wasn’t my intention - I just used it as a guide to avoid fielding a poor (not fun) challenge. The first one, the Empire challenge, doesn’t have a two-per rule - I think I deployed four of one design, along the front row.

I’m going to start leaving more resource head room in these challenges, as they aren’t supposed to be hard!