Import Export tile in Stockpiles


in order to add locally produced products I try to separate Producer and Consumer in my facility. However I run into problems when mixed goods are needed, where I only produce parts of it. Like Sensors (imported) and Tires (locally produced) at the Fit Tires Station.

I want to suggest to add an import and an export tile to the stockpiles. This way I can use the stockpile as a filter into different production zones of the facillity. See my ascii graph:

    Import Zone                       Production Zone
<------------------->               <----------------------->

                     +--------------+            +----------+
+------+    Sensor   |   Stockpile  |            | Fit Tire |
|Import+---+--------->I Sensor = 5 E+------------> Sensor   |
+------+   |         +--------------+            | Tire     |
           |                                     +---^------+
           |                                         |
           | Rubber  +---------+         Tire        |
           +--------->Make Tire+---------------------+

Let me know what you think of it.


Just fill a stockpile with sensors and set the fitting station to take parts local only so it will draw from the stockpile instead the import station.

Hi all
I would like to see the import on one side & export on the other opposite side so there is no way through.
that way it can only take from the stockpile.


from the land down under