Import prices / Suggestions.

First of all sorry for my bad English.
I just want to ask what the … is happening? After like the day 2-3 the import prices are going CRAZY high and the car market price goes DOWN. Logic?
And why does the import prices going that crazy? Its impossible to play the game… 12 pounds for that? mhm… I dont want to give bad rating for the game on Steam because the idea is good but its broken…

A suggestion: Make the import prices dynamic (because now all of them increases/decreases the same value) and do not let it jump like that… (about 300% increase in import price and about the same DECREASE in market price… I think market price should increase when import price does btw…)

The other suggestion is a real showroom where we can see our cars. Also i would like to place the export door and import door for myself, not automatically. That would be great. Make it a maximum (like 3 import and 2 export). Remove the expansions we can buy around our area and make a menu for that. So we can build our showroom anywhere on our plot. OR we could have a normal plot and then we have to make the walls for ourselves for the factory and we must make an office and showroom too to sell the cars. So we would start on an empty place with build menu (build walls, windows, let us place the furniture in the office/showroom).
If we do not have an office and showroom we cannot sell any car. Also as i seen costumers are thinking, so make it better. Most of the times they dont buy the car because its a Sedan or it doesnt have many functions. (If it does have a lot of functions they say the same…) so would like to see that fixed.
Also would like to see other company’s cars in their showroom, their prices and functions. And a function to buy shares from other companies. (share prices depends on how much the company worth of course…)
Also that would be great if the normal building (like the building they make the body parts) would be the same size as the sub-buildings. So if the sub-buildings are 2 meters long together then make the big one 2 meters too. Because its very annoying to re-build everything when we want to add a function to a car. Like a spoiler or something…
But if the main building would be the same size as the small ones, we can just destroy the main and place the smalls. Or remove the small buildings and let us upgrade everything on the big ones OR remove the big one and keep the small ones only…

Yeah these are my ideas for now. I hope i will see some of them in game soon :slight_smile:

I know its a lot but i think the game would worth the money then :slight_smile:
(I didnt want to create 2 topics for the suggestion and my question, but move it to the suggestions if it should be there.)

Thank you for reading guys!

Edit: Oh yeah and one more suggestion, this isnt that hard. Let us pay our loans before it expires if we can, it is very long to wait for 5-10 days in game really and a lot of times i wanted to pay it back because i had the money already but couldnt.

i changed a value in the “simconfig.ini”




The made the price fall around 33%

in my game ive added electric engines, it has a base price of:

So 2000$ (it requires some other stuff also but this is the base price for the engine)

Prior to the change mentioned above it started out @ 2000 and went to 6190$
after the change it fell to 3972$

Strangely enough however i put the upgade value to:


for some reason ingame value is as follows
“Market Value” 3750$
“Current price” 5564$
“Premium” 48,40%
“Premium Cash” 1841$

So i seem to sell these at a price of 5564
this compared to a raw price of 3972 = 1600 roughly (not including labor, power etc)

So the planned profit of 3000 / car fell to 1600$
then i need to remove the much needed battery 1990$ that puts me in a - per car…
this has on the other hand increased in price from 1000 -> 2000 with the change…

what is the conclution?

All prices fell by 30% (game original prices) and my profit shot thru the roof.
i went from loss -150k to a constant profit of 400k

So if you change that parameter see what happens

Thanks for your answer.
I have taken a look into it and yeah its working nice that way :slight_smile:


We actually updated those very values in todays update :slight_smile: