IMPORTANT: Starting support less than 50%

Has anyone else had this issue?

Whenever I start a new game my support amongst the population is always around 5% of the vote.
This seems very unrealistic given that I’ve theoretically just won an election meaning my support should be at least 51%.

It just makes the game very un-enjoyable having to do radical and crazy reforms in a desperate attempt to get up to 50% rather than just being able to bring in gradual change.

Is this a bug or is there some easy way to fix this?


Hi, it’s not a bug but an expression of the future support of that group given the current state of the country.
basically you were elected to fix the mess the last party left the country in. If you don’t improve things, this will be your vote share. The electorate are basically saying that is how unhappy they are with the country from their POV. They fully expect you to fix it, and for your popularity to thus rise.