I tried to make a long conveyor line for import and it just wont work
pls help


Hi filipecampos29 ,

If you made a long resource conveyor and connected it to a slot that already had a resource conveyor connected then as I understand it at present resources will be taken from the ‘closest’ importer. So it will look like the new ‘long distance’ import conveyor isn’t working.

There have been a few posts about this already, and while not a bug Cliff has already mentioned that this will be improved, hopefully we will see the start of this in the next patch.

Hope this helps…

…but as mickster04 says a screenshot give us a clearer picture of what is going on.

There is actually some load balancing between the two nearest routes to an importer, depending how busy the nearest one is.
Basically for every 2 items in the importer queue, the game ‘inflates’ the distance to that importer by 1 tile. So with 10 items already queued up, it will start taking items from an importer an extra 5 tiles distance.

Thanks for the information Cliff.

Has this been this way for a while or is it 1.31 implementation?

Also a distance of 5 tiles on a queue of 10 items does not seem much. There are not many importers on the base maps within 5 tiles of each other.
I guess this also depends how many items the queue can hold, do we always see every item in the Importer GUI?

Yup you are right in that those numbers may need adjusting. I take it you feel that currently the load balancing is not kicking in when it should, and I suspect you are right. I may tweak that for the next update. Its been in for a while.

Thanks all i didnt knew that distance was a “thing”