Imports, outputs, profits, and research

I’m really enjoying this game so far and you’ve done a fantastic job improving it. I am a bit of an OCD person so here’s what I’ve noticed.

the price of importing steel vs the price of importing servos is only about a $2 difference in my game, so there is no good reason to produce servos locally. UNLESS one unit of steel produces more than one servo? I can’t tell because there is no information on the amount of output from any slot. Valves for instance…do I get one valve per unit of steel, or more? I assume everything produces a single output given the input recipe.

I’m producing 25 cars per hour, but in the marketing tab, each model shows 1 sale per hour. Since I don’t have cars backing up in the showroom, I have to assume this is incorrect.

Would love to know how much each car costs to produce. Hard to tell how much of a profit, if any I’m making given the current selling price. Again, making an assumption that the market price does not reflect the actual cost to me of producing a car.

Research tree is awesome, but too easy to put down 10 research offices at the beginning and blow through all the research in early game. Maybe make the progression a little slower.

Each steel makes 2 Servo’s It uses 2 Steel and Makes 4 Servos at one time.


As for the research being quick, it’s still in balancing, but the adding of the office only green spaces will limit that as well. Try the Tight Budget map to start out. It is a little more challenging.