Imports Summary


It appears the Imports summary disappears from the financials page. Maybe when the components page under efficiency was updated?

There doesn’t appear to be a way to know how much of an item is being imported and how must money is being spent on those items.

Please replace the imports summary in the financial page if possible. It really helps determine what components to assemble.



There has been an update and the information you are looking for now appears under the Reports tab.

New Developer blog (#65) will provide you with more info.


Where is this “Reports” tab. I am cannot seem to find it within the current version of the game (1.5051).

Developer blog #65 discussed removing this imports report and replacing it with the “components” report that exists in the game today. The “components” report provides very little useful information w.r.t. game play decisions unfortunately.

The legacy imports report was very useful in determining priorities on what items should be made vs purchased.


Apologies for the delayed response.