Impossible challenges & more info pre-download of a challeng

First there was that challenge that crashed your game whenever attempted, and now there’s one that has “Weapon ranges reduced by 98%”. These challenges are impossible to complete (this one because facts are that all weapons have minimum ranges and that ships generally can’t move into one another, plus the ships can’t be ordered to attack from less than 100 units distance away). This is also why I would like to see any Supply Limits or Spatial Anomalies BEFORE I click “download” at a challenge’s page. It’s happened to me before that suddenly fighters are restricted or somesuch. There’s no fun in that for me, so I would - again - like to know this beforehand.

Also, the Challenge ID of the “2% range” thing is 4610147.

Sounds like a fighter only map lol

Fighters can’t even fire. 98% reduction brings max range beneath minimum range even on lasers. I think MAYBE missiles might work if you had a way to keep it from attempting to close with you, but I just broke out my modded anti-cheat fighters (Fighters that have the rawk it lawnchair module, which has 9 tracking, 999 hp, 0 weight, and 9999 damage, and like 2000 range) and blew it up.