Improve Performance?

I’m sure the game will be optimized throughout it’s development…
but I’m getting pretty poor performance once I have several production lines running.
I’m talking as soon as Tutorial Level 3 (and end of Tutorial 2)

It just runs at a low framerate, stuttering and un-smooth scrolling.

I wanted to bring this up in case it’s not normal at this stage, and maybe it can be fixed.
Or maybe someone knows somewhere I can tweak some .config settings or something to make it run better.

Though it probably just needs optimization.

Again, bringing it up just in case.

Win 7 x64 Home Premium
Intel Core i5-2500K @3.3Ghz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti


Hi Vince. The game really shouldn’t be running that slow on your system with that few production lines. However I’m not sure what to suggest. I believe the game is fill-rate limited which means it suffers at higher resolutions.

I would 1920x1080 would be a good resolution for your system. You don’t happen to be at a higher res do you?

You’re right that I will be optimising further as we go along, yet I’m still surprised to hear you’re having issues even with the game in its current stage. If anybody else has a similar system, it would be great to hear what sort of performance you’re getting to see if this is isolated or normal.

The framerate actually has been getting quite bad… especially in ‘late-game’ stages of the levels (intermediate I’m on currently)

It constantly freezes and stutters, locking up, when clicking through menu’s etc.

I am indeed running at 1920x1080 which is my native res.
I’ve tried lower resolutions, but noticed little difference, if any.

But ya even loading a blank map and scrolling around is not smooth :frowning:

I am enjoying the game a ton though regardless haha… usually I can’t stand lag, but this game is so darn good :wink:
I’ve completed all the Tutorial, Beginner, and am on the final Advanced mission currently.

Anyways, it’s sad to hear that this isn’t a known issue… and if there’s any way I can help somehow to nail this down, then I’m fully willing.



So I think I owe an apology here.

This issue was not the games fault.

Though it wasn’t my fault either as I didn’t know any better hehe.
But I noticed the performance of my whole PC steadily getting worse, and I knew something was up.
I ran some scans and it turns out I had a nasty virus that caused my GPU to be used nearly fully at all times.

Of course this made the game run bad, as any PC with this particular virus wouldn’t be able to run the game either :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the process of cleaning it out and look forward to playing soon, most likely with normal performance :slight_smile:

So again, sorry for this trouble, I should have realized something was up, when my internet browsers were starting to run slowly and things of that nature as well.

Anyways, I look forward to playing soon :wink:


Vince, thank you for letting me know. I’m relieved. Glad you’ve got it fixed and can finally enjoy the game without interruption!

Sorry to bump the post, but just wanted to confirm, yes the game is running very smoothly now :smiley:

(Though it took about 20 attempts at cleaning out the virus and restarting my PC haha)