Improvements Please

I hope you credit me for these improvements if you make them.

Nice game, like how you can zoom in and out, but it doesn’t zoom out far enough (or are you working on that?). I don’t like how I can’t see the entire battle field. You could make some super zoom-out view which is so small that you only see explosions of big ships, and little missile hits from the more powerful missiles now and then. Also those fighter repair bays suck. Dude they are useless and don’t extend the life at all hardly if ever. I never see the fighters return they all just kamikaze, and the upgrade is pointless. What’s the point if the repair rate is the same and the fighters all die at the same rate? Also could you make advanced fighters, cuz they suck man. It’s also unrealistic that they’d all die during the game, and as if all the pilots are idiots. I don’t like that you can’t command ships to focus on certain ships either, or to retreat. Also, the speed arrow thing, it’s too sensitive, like if you accidentally don’t press on it exactly you end up shifting the screen, which is SOOOO annoying. Maybe you can increase the border when you move your arrow over the speed button so that if you don’t exactly click on it it clicks instead on the pop up temporary border.

Also, could you add an extention device, a device that lets you add more stuff to a ship, and perhaps you could make ones particular to each ship, which reconfigures it a little so you can add more stuff to it, or that can change a square pod to a hex and vice versa.

Also, why do the alien race of that spacial anomoly level, the third one, have holes in their thrusters? That looks cheesy and they already look fake enough because they look thin, or maybe the holes make them seem thin. They also seem paper-cut-outish, like not 3D enough. Also how come they have ships that retreat but when a fed? ship is being hammered it just sits there like an idiot? Can you make it so the ships can be commanded to do stuff, including retreat please?

The option is there to zoom out and see the whole battle at once.
~ open config.txt located \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ and set the minimum zoom to OPTIONS_MINZOOM = 0.00 This will enable you to display the entire warzone at the same time. No scrolling required.

For this one you need to give your fighters the “cautious” order
~ click on Add oder in the deployment screen
~ Select the Cautious Order and then press Add Order button. .
~ Select the Cautious Order again and change the “Retreat At Damage” Slider

Again, this is the Cautious Order.

As for the rest of your suggestions, these can be done yourself very easily - just head on over to the modding section if you get stuck.

This one your going to have to change yourself. A simple option is to make a Elite Fleet where every slot is an Hex slot so you can put on whatever you want. All that is required is a text editor and 5 minutes.

Easily changed so you can have different grades of repair bays

Quite a few mods now have several different fighter types including Bombers, Corvettes, Gunships, Drones and jetpack wearing zombies.

With a little time and patience you can insert your favorite ships into the game to destroy all before you. For example you could either find images of your favorite sci fi and insert them or use componebts of the original ships and make a completly new race.

Why do people who like to complain never seem to check their facts before making the complaint???

Because it’s so much easier for them to embarrass themselves by pulling the trigger and spew forth a shotgun blast of random and mostly uninformed “wish list” items than it is to do one’s own detective work first, in order to see what’s possible and what’s not. And also to see what feature requires the game designer to add it to the codebase (which means at this very late date it’s almost certainly not going to happen), versus what can be easily modded by players themselves (and probably already has been by someone). One informed suggestion is more useful and valuable than any ten uninformed suggestions.

These five GSB forums collectively hold a gold mine of data about the game. They even have a built-in search engine. Me and other players like me have been steadily adding to them for over two years now. But to clueless or lazy newcomers who lack reading comprehension skills or even the least bit of curiosity, this mountain of data might as well not even exist. Persons who show up here expecting to be mentally spoon-fed are going to receive quite the opposite welcome than they expect.

Oh, I’ll drop everything and get right on that. [-rolls eyes-]

Well spoken sir. Do you think we could put the above comment in a stickeyed thread at the top of every forum and require it to be read before a new user can create a forum account? (I’m only being 52.3% serious about that, of course.)

The really annoying part is that many of us would probably be far more forgiving if the post took the form of “How do I do this?” as opposed to “The game should do this.” At least, I’m more willing to give a proper answer to the question than the complaint.