Hey GTB Team,

i have bought that game about a week ago and played all campiagn battles now.
Firstly, the graphics are awesome for a TD game! I really enjoy to scroll in and just watch the units fighting.

Because i really enjoy the game, i want to bring in two ideas to improve the gameplay.

  1. Sorting possibilities and Preset Units in the Unit design Menu
    I would really apprechiate to have some Folders or other possibilites to sort my list of units, showed in the Unit design menu. I get confused all the time with having the Basic units amongst my own units, and having trouble checking for the right unit i want to improve/upgrade. Also being able to delete the Basic units (preset units) is kinda strange. I once crashed my game, being unable to play until i reinstalled it to get the Basic unit back i accidentally deleted.
    So all i would love to have is Folders to sort the units into and just dont show the deleting cross for basic units.

  2. Different Tier Stages for Battles
    In my view, its really hard to play and monotonous while having all units available from start on. It is kinda strange in the first couple of battles to find a way of building my Defense, whilst lateron i miss some kind of different difficulty-stages inside the Battle.
    I would really apprechiate to get some kind of Tierstage per unit (maybe fixed on the average tier of the Equip used + a Tier given per turret).
    The thought behind is to have a possibility to unlock different tierstages whilst playing the battle (based on time).
    E.g From start on just Tier 1-4 available to buil and after 3 Minutes tier 5 & 6 unlocked. After 7 Minutes Tier 7 & 8 unlocked… and so on.
    Maybe even having the possibility to fix a Battle on Max tier 8 or any number in a custom battle.
    This goes for attacker so as defender. There is even space to think about giving the Attacker an advantage of +1 Tier.
    This will definitely make it more challenging and complex. I hope you understood the basic idea.

I’m looking forward to your Feedback.


I’m not sure what you mean regarding tiers? Are you saying that there are too many designs for the player in battles? because this is the problem that divisions, and the division manager is designed to solve.

Regarding Tiers:
I thought on sth which divides a battle into different stages.

Atm, there could be an attack of heavy tanks, heavy mechs in the first row which are heavily armored and heavily armed. As defender you are also able to build the biggest turrets from start on.
My intention is to get sth. like a progressive increase of the units strength, making the big guys available in lategame (see set time).

This could be like this.
E.g Tierstages 1 to 10:
Light turret is a Tier 3
Medium Turret is a Tier 6
Heavy Turret is a Tier 9
The average of the equip in the Turret (exclunding the guns) will give the turrets final Tierstage (the number besides the Shields/Armor etc. maybe needs so fixing work)
For example our Tier 3 Light turret has a average equip of Tier 5 so his final Tier will be like: ( 3+5 /2 = Tier 4)

The tiers could be available to build after time (time can be chosen by the editor of the map in custom mode)
like Tier 1-3 available on start
Tier 4 and 5 available after few minutes.
Tier 6 and 8 Avaliable after about half of the game.
Tier 9 to 10 after ~ 75% of the game.
Or even make it possibile to just fight until Tier 7 units, so the battle needs to be fought with tier 1-7 only.

Hope this clearifys the idea. Intension is the add more variety into battle, by having the ability to fix battles to some kind of units or make the bigger ones available lateron.

Oh, Hows about my first idea regarding the Folders?


yes I agree that folders or some better organisation of designs within the design loading stuff might be a good idea.