I realize there probably isn’t much development going on with democracy at the moment and this forum is pretty much dead, but there’s a few things I’d like to suggest to make the game as it is more appealing, since I think it’s a classic that’s still worth buying (although a sequel would be great :wink:)

Firstly, the main thing that gives democracy such a good replay value is the modding and the opportunity for a range of policies and dilemmas to reflect recent developments in politics, which is why it’s quite a shame that I can’t download a lot of the fan-made policies etc since loombo doesn’t seem to… exist any more. or is that just me? A selectable mod download system with a brief description and the name of the creator like the one in kudos would be ideal, but just the existing sticky would be fine if the links worked.

Secondly, I’m sure I could entertain myself for a while just experimenting with my own mods, but I think the help could be better organized, with linking directly to this forum, and stickies about creating situations and events. Also, not sure it’s worth it with current patronage, but eventually it might be worth making a positech wiki, since wikis are a great community info source.
For now though I’d like to request a sticky with things like a list of hidden and special variables and where they can be used, just to get an idea of the limits of what can be modded.

Anyway, like I said, this game is hardly centre stage, but if you have time it might be worth putting some thought into things like that just to round the game off by making it more modder-friendly and give a clean and interesting appearance to people thinking of buying it.

Hey don’t worry, the game is still out there, and I still keep a close eye on the forum. I’m 100% stuck into doing my new game at the moment, but I do intend to return to this subject matter again at some point. I think a sequel, rather than tweaks to the existing game is more likely though.

Well, I wasn’t so much thinking improvements to the game itself as just the support for it, but if you’re thinking of making a sequel it’s fine anyway, because people will just buy that instead. Good luck with what you’re doing!

I’ll be posting information on my new game very soon. it’s in alpha-ish state now, so it won’t be too long before I return to this style of game.