Impulse Update


Just wondering if you could remind the impulse guys of the game updates?

I’m still at 1.18, and some of the already fixed bugs are getting a bit annoying in the long run.

Ok, I’ll email them again today,

As an aside for everyone else who bought Positech games directly through the company instead of through Impulse: You need to purchase the game through Impulse if you want them to automatically Update the game, even if they now sell it. I went through about a half-dozen E-Mails with Stardock’s tech support folks before finding this out. I purchased Rock Legend directly from Positech after seeing it on Impulse (it was a couple of bucks cheaper) and couldn’t update it through Impulse. I purchased Democracy 2 through Impulse (same price ether way) and that one can be updated through Impulse. You can also manually download the patch and install it yourself, if you are so inclined.