Impulse Verson and DLC

I have the Impulse version of Gratuitous Space Battles, with no DLCS. I was hoping to get the DLCs, but Impulse doesn’t seem to have the DLC Bundle, which means I would have to buy each pack separately, if I were to buy it from them.

So, If I buy the DLC bundle directly from Positech, does it work with the impulse version of the game?

Is there any chance of an DLC Bundle appearing on Impulse for the 10 USD it is if I buy directly from Positech?

Or am I better waiting for Impulse starts a sale on GSB and the DLCs?

you can mix and match content for the game however you like, as long as it is all installed in the same place, you just need to tell it where to put the expansion when the installer runs.

Would the Impulse auto patch causes problem with the non auto updating manual install?

On a related note, would it be possible to download a normal (that is, the one I would get if I had bought directly), and activate my key on it?

hi, thats not possible, but there shouldnt be any conflict with any other autoupdating system


I have bought GSB from Impulse (when it was still called that way) several years ago, I have all the DLC except Nomads. I would like to get that last bit, but I see that GSB is no longer available via that distributor. If I buy the Nomads from other distributors, or you directly, will it be compatible with my Impulse version?


I would say that the DLC’s direct from the Positech site will be compatible

Hello again,

I have bought and installed the Nomads as instructed, and all is well. Thanks!
Another question, though: My game version reads 1.60, and from what I can see, version 1.63 is out there. Impulse does not seem to support GSB any more, and auto updater does not activate. How can I upgrade my game to the latest version?

While I have experience for the Impulse Platform. According to Cliff

I am in windowed mode now, but the buttons are all under Windows task bar…so I can’t battle, challenge, or even go to options to go back to full screen… LOL

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You can change the screen size by editing the prefs.ini file