In-game Books

Just a thought on the books:

Since it seems that you can only read and gain the benefit from the books once, is there any point in having the books display in the bookstore after you’ve already read them? In fact, sometimes its confusing to have to mentally keep track of the books that you have already read. Maybe its better if the books just disappear permanently after you’ve finished with them?

(Or perhaps I’m wrong and you actually can re-read books and regain benefits from them after a couple years of them collecting dust?)

Ofcourse they shouldn’t dissapear. If you want to sell them, or just have them for display in your bookcase is up to you I guess, I keep them most of the time. The one with most stuff when he turns 30 wins :slight_smile:

its a fair point. the only reason right now is that a book can be stolen when its half read, so it goes abck to the store. You are right that books that are entirely read should not be shown, and I might work that into a patch.

edit: this will be in version 1.04

How do we do to sell them then?

Thanks, cliffski! I appreciate your willingness to address this issue.

Smergo: I think I understand where you’re coming from. My concern isn’t whether or not you can retain/sell the book when you are finished reading it. Its about how its difficult to keep track of books that you have already finished reading and sold, since they always return to the store.

Thus a potential solution is that if you finish reading a book, and then sell it off, it doesn’t reappear in the store again and instead disappears. I think this is the solution that cliffski is intending to implement in the 1.04 patch. We’ll soon find out anyway :slight_smile:

Oh, I missed a word in your first post and that is the word bookstore.

Sorry guys, just ignore me. I’m to tired for reading today, I’m going to sleep early today, I promise :slight_smile:

oooh i’ve done 1.04 now, and its in. link on main kudos webpage

I downloaded the patch, but the books I have just read and sold are still back in the shop.

is that the case with a new game? and did it patch ok to 1.04?

edit: this is my screwup. It will be fixed correctly in 1.05…