In less than a decade....

The Ethnic Minorities went up to 100% due to immigration. Really, my americans are all mexicans and chinese. Even in the case of huge amount of immigrants i still wonder where my former 250 mil genuine americans went.

Might be worth some kind of fix.

I had noticed the volatility of the ethnic minorities percentage as well, and mentioned it in a post. That is why I read your post, but buddy, I think you need an attitude reset here. “Genuine” Americans? Wtf are you on about? Does America no longer pride itself as being a “land of opportunity”? Is it no longer somewhere that people should desire to come to and build a better life? If “Mexicans and Chinese” come to America, get jobs, obtain citizenship, pay taxes and vote, how are they not “genuine”?

I just couldn’t leave a bigoted comment like that unanswered.

I’m italian so i’m hardly a bigoted genuine american myself.
That “genuine” was obviously ironic but I guess it wasn’t obvious enough.

Apologies for that.

Oh, well now I’m kinda embarrassed for having lost my temper there.

If you raised immigration why are you surprised that you’re country is made up of others? Unfortunately with lax border principles this is going to happen. If anyone can come to your country and it’s a good place to live people WILL come. I personally don’t have a problem with this but if in your game you are worried about it, simply restrict anything that allows immigration. Or is that not working?

On this note I’d also like to add how many American’s forget they’re all immigrants themselves. Same with here in Australia we’re ALL immigrants (and not all criminals, just fyi) and if another country say Somalia suddenly had a massive change in country and it was a wonderful place of opportunity people would move there =]

You’re original point I suppose is that even with huge immigration there will still be “American’s” about? Well, perhaps not after two-three generations of multi-cultural breeding, although even then not everyone would be multi-cultural you’d still have plenty of “American’s” left.

Personally I agree with the OP that the immirgration rates and the associated immigration membership values could use a balance pass. Another policy lever tool for immigration might help us to get the results we want to without having to resort to militarizing our borders. My suggestion would be an immigration quota policy that helps us to keep immigration in check if we want when the economy is roaring. I also think the immigration rate should be a bit more responsive to the current unemployment rate; the GDP effect is currently completely overpowering the job availability effect.

I second the idea of balance pass and in context of the game, I understood “genuine Americans” to mean the impact of that variable seemed diminished.

After playing the Greece mod a few times, I also felt like the weight of that stat / group was way too high Ethnic Groups / Minorities. Sounds like we need to factor in

Immigration vs. Emmigration, i.e. people coming in vs. citizens going out. It is possible to have very high influx in this game I’m sure the stats can account for it.

After easing immigration controls as the UK I ended up with with 60 million immigrants within less than a term. They composed over 90% of the population. After re-imposing border checks that number declined just as rapidly, and 50-odd million native Brits suddenly materialised from somewhere. (Where they hiding in the forests?). It does feel like the immigration factors need some dampening. I don’t really want to run the UK’s ports like an Orwellian dystopia, but equally I don’t want race riots and ghettos everywhere.

Lol did you have a corporate exodus or brain drain going on? Must have been leaving in droves.

@Theodoret, If this game was effected by changing seasons I might have asked If you simply lost them them in the snow :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this same “issue”. I say it’s a problem and I will explain why.

First off, I had maxed out Border Controls and Citizenship Tests, but my GDP was through the roof and this led to exponential immigration. My isolationist policies couldn’t cope. Foreign Relations was high, but this being low creates all kinds of unpleasant issues.

Here’s my problem with this. It’s not racial or ideological. It is statistical and logical.

I don’t care if 100% of my nation is Ethnic Minorities. However, if 100% of the voters are Ethnic Minorities, who is the “ethnic majority”? Even one ethnicity being 5% while the rest are lower than that would constitute a majority. Are there so many different ethnicities that not one becomes dominant? Is this why Racial Tension is so much higher? Are there 100 different ethnicities of equal proportions all competing with each other?

Also, when the GDP drops with the Global Economy so it’s no longer through the roof and lowers Immigration, suddenly in one turn (a year in my game) hundreds of millions of citizens are no longer Ethnic Minorities. This is the biggest issue causing cognitive dissonance. Did one group establish dominance that quickly now that there is not such a massive influx of immigrants? Did they decide to lump the classification of their ethnicity into one group?

Another issue is now your Patriot Voter Group represents a schizophrenic split in your citizenry. If they are all Ethnic Minorities, they both love and hate you for your globalist policies. If they are an Ethnic Minority, why would they despise you for catering to them? Maybe they are the ones who think you are bringing in the ‘wrong immigrants’ ? This would make sense if they represent many different ethnic groups who think they are the ones that really belong in the nation while disliking others for one reason or another.

So, that’s my issue. I am actually happy with a completely ethnically diverse nation. But it has to make sense to me. There are too many discrepancies for it to do so. And I’m not sure if it’s fixable.

Not without abandoning the “designated ethnic majority + various minorities” model for a more complex one, I think. Immigration should be affecting the rate of change of your ethnic make-up, not the value as such.

Also kind of statistically weird is how the Youth population isn’t affected by the Parents population, but I can imagine balancing the demographic modeling to realistically create challenges like the baby boomer generation while remaining fun to play would be significant.