Inaccurate mouse pointer (and also) how to change resolution


I am playing the Mac version, purchased throught Steam.

When I first launched the game, I noticed that whenever I hovered with my mouse over the menu buttons, they weren’t selected. They were selected, however, when hovering about 30 pixels above them. I tried changing the resolution to something higher, and now I can’t even do that.

I’m pratically “stuck” inside the game menu, even unable to exit the game. I always have to restart the whole machine every time.

I looked inside the game folder and have searched the web for two days (!!) for ways to change/force the resolution manually outside the game, and couldn’t find anything.

How can I change a resolution, and more important, why isn’t my mouse accurate?

I’m using a Macbook Pro 13", the newest line. The resolutions I’ve tried were 1280x720 (the inaccurate mouse) and 1900x1080 (mouse not able to click anything, stuck in game-menu). I was using an external screen, mirroring to the Macbook’s screen.

I have found the following thread to be related to my problems, but the solutions suggested there aren’t working for me (see the threads for details):
My dock is on auto-hide, this didn’t help. I also can’t change to windowed mode since none of the buttons are respnding because I’ve chosen such a high resolution.

There’s not prefs.ini file in the Mac version! I’ve looked everywhere! :frowning:

Temporary Solution:
OK, after searching through this forum I have found a single (!!) forum thread notifying where the prefs.ini file is located on Macs. Why couldn’t you put a shortcut (or link/ln) in the steam/appcache folder to this (or have some out-of-game menu of some sort)? At least write it somewhere easier to find…

I have changed to a lower res and window mode. It’s working for now. I saw that the Mac fix for this is coming on 1.50 (currently latest version available for me is 1.46). When will it be released?

Ack. Two days worked on this.

I have no experience with Macs or steam, but have you looked in the steam? AFAIK Mac are unix based, have you checked “Hidden directories”

Thank you, but I’ve found the file in a different directory eventually. I still don’t understand why Cliff or his Mac guy didn’t put any documentation on this…

Sorry for the trouble. 1.50.0 is out now (has been for a week or so) and fixes this problem.

There’s no update on Steam. Do you know when it’ll get there?

Thanks for your time and answer. :slight_smile:

Steam doesn’t have the update but your game should auto-update to 1.50 upon launch.

Doesn’t happen. Should I do anything specific?

Send us an email at support (@) redmarblegames (dot) com and let us know the version of the game that you’re currently running, and we’ll try to help off-forum.