Income tax earnings drop drastially without reason

for a couple of times now i noticed that my income tax earnings drop from one turn to the other dramatically. one turn i had ~ 36bn and the next turn it was less than 25bn O.o also as my overall balance had a slight 500mn surplus, it changed suddenly to a 20bn!!! deficit.(this indicates, that also other tax revenues were shortened). i searched for an explanation but all i found was the GDP increasing, no tax changes whatsoever, no braindead or other threat thing. it is like half of my population was killed or had retired. yeah well i dont have any explanation for this, so please tell me the missing point.

also i have a couple of other questions on my heart which i wont bother with an extra thread:
are the percentages of voters in certain groups fixed or do they vary?
cause ive been wondering why i still have so many damn religious folk sitting around booing while i teach creationism and stuff. of course theyre angry but why is their number not decreasing? i mean arent they re-educated or dont they emmigrate or die out?? same with capitalists. if im building up a social state wouldnt you anticipate to see their numbers decreasing? or is this feature disabled in the first scenaria country?

the firearms restriction law for my share is quite USAish. in other countries there wouldnt be by far so much fuss about it.

ah and what can i do to diminish the fundamentalists-threats (the gun icon top right)? despite kissing their groups ass or reinforcing army or intelligence
i get so many assassinations that my overall population is all the time frightened to no end. annoying.

thanks for your replies!

Was there a Market Meltdown? Did you fire a minister? There are some policies that will lower your GDP, which could also affect your income. Some of those are delayed reactions, so maybe the policy had just fully gone into effect?

The percentages can change over the course of the game, and sometimes with interesting results. I have had numerous games where I have ended up with zero motorists, and yet there are riots about the Petrol tax (despite the fact that it wasn’t earning me anything). Certain policies will increase the percentage of people in a specific group, while some will decrease it. (Higher military spending will increase the number of State Employees, for example)

I think in some other countries there would be an even bigger fuss about firearms. The US in general is far more tolerant of violence than many other countries

So far as I know, that’s pretty much what you have to do. Either make the groups happy enough so that they don’t want to ill you, or beef up your security apparatus to protect yourself. You can click on the name of the groups in the center of the game window to find out which policies they like, and which ones they dislike. If it’s always the same faction that’s killing your leader, enact a couple of policies to placate them.

Hope it’s helpful…

unlike the first game, terrorists are actually voters from real voting groups, so if you can slowly and steadily reduce that groups size, you will reduce the pool of potential terrorists.

It would be interesting to see a mod that showed the hidden terrorist group.

Then again, it doesn’t matter for me anymore. I never get any more assassination attempts (though I don’t think that’s linked with terrorism.) or car bombings. I always end up getting near perfect country. Three simple steps:
Carbon Tax fully immediately
Get rid of every other tax except income, tax income 60 percent
Happiest Country in the World

I also only notice that I can piss off anybody I want except for Envoirmentalists and Patriots. I can make everything extremely anti capitalists and they don’t send any of their snipers after me, but I lower the military funding and I get those pop-ups. I think it may be broken.

Also, I lost my e-mail that had the democracy download and I wiped my HD. PM me about it Cliff please, thanks.

I can’t find a way to PM you,

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England has severe restrictions on firearms, we have a more open policy about them, even as far as to have open carrying. In some countries firearms are completely banned, in others it is completely legal to have a machinegun strapped to your back.