Incompatible orders?

Formation and Keep Moving are incompatible orders and the game mentions this - however it still lets me add them both to the same ship(s). I realize this is a beta so I was just wondering if these are actually currently functioning as incompatible orders? If so which is taking precedence if they’re both there?

Hmmm, I need to investigate this. I don’t think they should be incompatible. Basically formation takes precedence over all movement, but if you happen to be the formation leader, you follow your other orders (or should do). So the formation as a whole should keep moving, if everyone in it has both orders.

Thanks for the explanation. The confusion for me came directly from the in-game text that displays when the Keep Moving order is selected from the list: “Continually move to a new location within range of your target so as not to be a sitting duck. This is incompatible with the escort or formation orders.”

hmm, is there a reason keep moving and escort are still incompatible? I mean, it worked last game with fighters but not with frigates and cruisers, I don’t quite see why it can’t work with bigger ships :stuck_out_tongue:

That may have been because fighters basically had Keep Moving by default, so it wasn’t an order per se. At least that’s always been my explanation for it.