Inconcistent medicine prices

I was running a new game after the latest (June/12/15) update, and I ran into an issue with the medicine prices, I have a B rating in them btw.

I have no idea how it figured I was making a drug with a -1 in profit from one processing through a diffuser, I blame the competition.

Can you explain better what’s wrong?

The cost of ingredients raise if the competitors also buy this drug. You can check it in the ingredients tab, just click on the ingredient and look at the right panel.


Go to the Cures tab and and click on the cure you’re making - I am going to bet that the market is oversaturated (over 100%), which reduces the amount of money customers are willing to pay for the product (It will keep going down and down until saturation is below 100%), and the increase in the ingredient’s price is a direct result also (Since every company is probably buying the ingredient to make the same drug)

Solution: Stop making the drug altogether - Change the production line to a different cure that isn’t oversaturated, or expand it to upgrade the cure to the next tier.

I was referring to the fact that the price didn’t report correctly on the ingredient screen, and would only update once the pill was manufactured.