Inconsistent damage

[size=50]I’ve just modded a salvo weapon that fires 3 shots, doing 60 damage per shot.

Except that each shot doesn’t do 60 damage. They do up to 60 damage. They rountinely do in the 30’s damage per hit. Going from 32 to 59 damage.

Anyone knows why / how this happens ? I haven’t noticed this behaviour with lower damage / hit weapon…

edit : Pushing damage to 120 per hit, i could record hits doing as low as 50 dmg…[/size]

Restatement of the problem : Modding a plasma weapon to do high damage per hit does not produce the required damage. In my visual, rapid testing :
x Plasma weapon doing 60 dmg per hit actually does 32 to 59
x Plasma weapon doing 120 dmg / hit actually does 50 to 119.

First I thought that i didn’t understand damage properly - but modding a missile to do 99 dmg per hit produces a consistent damage - 99 every time.

Thanks for any help understanding this behaviour.

The full damage (60) is only dealt if the target is in optimum_range.
The damage decreases until min_range, resp. max_range. where only half of the damage (30) is dealt.

Missiles do always full damage.

It’s cause of the “optimum range”.
If you are not exactly on it, you don’t do max dmg.
Missiles always does max dmg because they haven’t “optimum range”.

Edit: … too slow…

Thanks for the answers.

I suppose this affect all weapons except missiles.

Sorry for stating something completely obvious…

Yes, afaik, this affects all weapons except Missiles (and Cruiser Rockets, but thats technically the same).

Thanks. Then i suppose i never really paid attention to all those damage numbers before actually trying to mod. Now i understand better the power of missiles :slight_smile:

Didn’t know this myself actually.