Incorrect average armor resistance

So, we all know armor resistance is calculated by the following formula:

( total armor / (amount of modules) )

Unluckily, the average armor resistance displayed in the stats window of the design screen is incorrect. It shows what it should be, but it seems that on the battlefield the average armor resistance is calculated as follow:

( total armor / (amount of modules +1 ) )

To test it:
-fit a ship with armor modules. Check the average armor of the ship.
-field an ennemy ship equiped with weapons whose armor penetration fits the following:

Armor penetration > ( total armor / (amount of modules +1 ) ) AND Armor penetration < ( total armor / (amount of modules) )

Obviously, these weapons don’t have the needed armor penetration to make any damage. Still they will do.

I quickly made the following tests: number of modules armor penetration needed/average armor resistance(shown in the design screen) ratio 1 0.5 2 0.67 3 0.75 4 0.8
Where the armor penetration/armor resistance ratio should be 1.

You are absolutely right. Superbly well spotted. A bug on my part, and I am 100% responsible. Balls.
I shall fix it immediately.
I think I’ll fix it so that the (+1) calculation is sued though, otherwise the game balance would change…

The reason this happened is that every ship has an invisible module called a tactical module, used for some AI code. It doesnt exist on the design screen, but it does in battle, and I hadn’t thought that the number fo modules would be different… bah!

isn’t this fun :oD