Increasing IQ

What would you say are the best ways of increasing IQ in the game if you yourself aren’t intelligent enough to manage the crossword (which I’m definately not! :slight_smile: )?

There are some books that increase both your culture and IQ, the one about sudoku, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and War and Peace are the ones I know about. If you get through them all and don’t wait that much time in between readings, by the time you’re done you should be a talking walking encyclopedia with a high IQ.

Hang around with smart friends, if you’ve got any. They seem to be the snobby ones, though…sometimes your IQ needs to be high enough to hang out with them,which kind of defeats the purpose of using them to increase your IQ.

Buy a chess set and play chess with friends. Buy a laptop and surf the web - and

I have no idea how to get IQ above 80 though…

The chess set works really well until you get a significant other. At that point, you either have to play chess with them, or they get annoyed at you because you’re not spending time with them.

A pseudo-exploit with the chess set is to play friends-of-friends who don’t like chess at all. You are more likely to win games, which will get your chess skill and IQ up, while not affecting your relationship with your actual friends. I suppose this would work with anything that is a competition, now that I think about it…