Increasing Romance

I didn’t see anything searching for this, but point me that way if it’s been posted… What does one have to do to increase “romance” between oneself and another character in the game? It seems to be completely random and I don’t think I’ve seen a romance increase at all once I’m actually in a relationship with someone. Doing “romantic” things doesn’t seem to do the job. I tend to get more romance points with random coworkers while at work than by cooking a romantic dinner or going on a romantic walk…

How does the “romance” mechanic work, and is there any way to monitor it?

Hi Luftwaffle – well, your chances of increasing your romance with someone are governed by a number of factors. Besides more obvious factors like sexual orientation and how much they already like you platonically, people who have more interests in common with you are more likely to ‘fall in love’ with you, and also, you could also post flirty messages to them, and, taking them on ‘romantic’ type activities (provided the date goes well) generally increases your chances too, but not necessarily for every single character (every NPC has a hidden ‘romantic tendency’ variable, which defines well, how much of a romantic they are!)