Incremental Difficulty through Industry Standards (also Recycling)

From both thinking about the the various vehicles everyone I know has owned or rented and watching a couple of YouTubers (STEEJO!), I’ve realize that a couple of aspects in real world car production that hasn’t been mentioned yet is stuff like legally required features on vehicles or popular features that you can’t imagine living without anymore.

So the basic car is fine at first, but -as an example- after a while you’ll get notifications about laws being passed banning cars without airbags or Anti-Lock Brakes, or your marketing research team mentioning that cars without AC won’t sell.

At that point either the Quality Check or Export slot will flag the car as unsuitable and either trash it, or spit it out on a separate line somehow. Maybe a new Quality Check MkII slot that could have two outputs, normal and reject lines.

At that point you can either try and figure out how to reinsert the car onto the line to get the right part… or more likely get moved to a Disassembler so that the parts can be reused.

I can see why this would be an idea a lot of people would like.
Speaking for myself, if this was the only mode (where what an efficient layout looks like is changing through the time you are playing on a save) that would be fairly frustrating.

I like that idea. Right now you can research music, blue tooth, and voice recognition and install using the starting assembly modules. You now have a smart car with no airbags or AC, but you get more profit. There should either be a different tech tree or you are punished in sales/rejects for cars with improper/unpopular features.

I like the idea of rejecting the car. some items could be a retrofit (at a higher cost) while others would force you to scrap the car.

My original thinking with regards to design (and stuff I have not coded yet) would be to effectively ‘de-value’ features over time. So at the start of the game, something like aircon is a real ‘premium’ feature that will add value to your car and make it sell at a premium, but over time, aircon becomes just one of those features you expect a new car to have, and thus you have to keep up with the times.

I still intend to add that, it just needs a fair bit if work, and testing, and balancing :smiley:

Hey Cliff, what about cosmetic things? Such as spoilers and the like? The reason I ask this, is because real world manufacturers run multiple “Trims” for cars. I mean, take a look at Dodge for example.

There are 7 trim levels for the 2016 dodge charger. SE, SXT, R/T, R/T Road and Track, R/T Scat pack, SRT 392, Hellcat. Now, a lot of this is choice in drive train, and engines. Such as being able to choose between RWD and AWD. That’s a real choice there, one isn’t more valued than the other as some states you wont need All-Wheel-Drive. Engine choices shouldn’t devalue either should they? V4 vs V8 should be a consumer choice as no one engine is devalued or an industry standard? …

artwork for spoilers is already in my list for the artist :smiley: So in practice it should go in towards the end of this month :smiley:

Well, I’m also curious about what features you’d want to devalue here. Mainly because certain things are still considered a high premium even by today’s standards. Such as tesla’s autopilot, or lane keeping and adaptive cruise control.