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I bought GSB as part of Humble Indie Bundle #4. I want to buy the expansions off of Gamersgate, but the original game is on Steam. Often, games bought on GG have codes that are used to actually play the game on Steam. I wondered if anyone knows whether the DLC for GSB is this way before I buy it. If not, then I will just pay a little extra and get them all off Steam Store.


Why not purchase the DLC directly from Positech, so that GSB’s developer (Cliffski) gets a bigger slice of the pie and can commit to further support of this game??? You’re not going to find many folks on this forum who concur with short-changing Cliffski. Think about how your request sounds from our point of view.

I truly don’t know if it works in the way you speculate.

Couldn’t have said it better Archduke

The more people that buy direct from Cliff (rather than 3rd party vendors) the more money Cliff has to provide further support / enhancements / features / upgrades for the games . . . So basically you benifit again.

Because I prefer to have my games from as few sources as possible. The only reason I use Steam is that some games require it. It is why I do not buy from Direct2Drive or Impulse, either. I understand the position that it will help him out, but I doubt he wants paying customers to receive a lecture for not buying it directly either. But thank you for your help.

Sorry if you thought it was a lecture, chief.

I was under the impression from your original post that you were considering where to get the DLC from (other than steam). Since you had a choice, I was advocating the benifits in going direct to the source. However based on your reply it seems i was mistaken and you are limited in your options on where to purchase the DLC - so, apologies on that count. (Since i try and avoid steam where possible, I cant answer the GG and Steam question)

The DLC Bundle directly from Positech is the cheapest option as far as I can tell anyway.
There’s really no reason NOT to give Cliffski all your money. :smiley:

I should humbly point out that I’ve been selling from this site since before

The Humble Bundle

Were ever invented.
Granted, that means it’s pathetic that I’m not rich yet :D, but it also means I’m not going anywhere, if thats a concern. Meanwhile, Impulse and Direct2Drive have both been sold (to gamestop and gamefly). Who knows who goes next?

First of all: Yes, I know this thread is quite old, but I think it’s better to revive it than to e-mail cliffski directly or opening a new one.
Second order of business: Thanks for adding your game to the mentioned bundle and for supporting linux.

I quite recently took up desura as it is in my opinion the only valid digital distribution platform that has cross-platform support (I use linux exclusively). While there have been some bundles with desura keys enclosed bundle #4 only featured steam keys. I was rather pleasantly surprised to find GSB on desura as well, but that raises the question why there was only a Steam key for it in the bundle #4. For some this might be old news but I’m interested in the thought process that led to the decision to include a Steam key but no desura key. I realize you get access to a much bigger market by just releasing on steam but I can’t believe that desura would actually cost you any money (instead of adding a little profit). Would you consider adding the keys retroactively (if at all possible)? Would you mind sharing your thought process? My impression was that you can set the price on desura yourself, so it would even be possible to add the DLC there for a higher price than on your site in order to get as much profit as you get by directly selling from your site? That way the users would be charged for the added comfort of having many of their games in one library.

Yes, I realize this post is much more mail-like but it seems to me from browsing through the boards that cliffski is responding quite often in threads.

So as a questions to the community: Would you like the DLCs to be available on desura? Would you be willing to pay a bit more so that cliffski makes the same profit as by selling through his site?

[edit] aaaaand i just realized this is the support forum, so at least the questions to the community are a bit misplaced here. That happens when you just use the search :wink:


Although I’m sure it’s daunting to keep track of all those systems, now that Steam has a Linux client any chance we can see GSB show up there in the future?

Thanks in advance!

Possibly, I just need to find time to arrange stuff like that. The linux version was only really made for the humble bundle, and TBH I have no idea what versions of linux it does and does not support and all that jazz. It was ported by a third party company. I only ever work on the PC builds of my games.

Just to add my interest for seeing GSB on Steam Linux. Getting games to work on Linux has often been a pain but of the games I’ve played in the Beta the experience has been seamless and I can easily imagine Steam becoming the dominant platform for Linux gaming. To not have GSB on it would be a shame. It would also help with the Linux dlc problems some people seem to be having.

OK i have to contest something here steam was released September 12, 2003 that’s means your game needs to be about 10 years old, everyone here says “a few years now” this game looks a bit to fancy to be made in 2003

Emphasis mine…please re-read what Cliff wrote.

He did not claim that he was selling GSB since before all those other game sellers first existed.

He did say that he has been selling games (as in, Positech’s games in general) from this site since before those other vendors opened. Above, he singled-out no particular game of his; he was referring to all of them collectively.

Nice catch, AA. I oftentimes wonder if people actually pay attention to what is written…and you make a good point.