Indie game of the year at IGN (Open voting)

Please go tick the relevant boxes here: … -the-year/
It would be awesome to win :smiley:


Though I would be worried about minecraft, but so far GSB is coming fairly close. But a lot of the youtube commentators are preaching minecraft left and right
just a warning


How can minecraft be a better game than GSB? I just don’t get it.

Its not. but people think it is

Presumingly, a lot of linux guys are voting for it. Off the list, 3 out of 5 games listed there can be installed natively on Linux. So it’s obviously their votes goes to 1 of the three - if “other” isn’t chosen.

Voted, the lack of a Don’t Have One of Those option on most of the questions is really lame.

already voted, minecr… oh sh**, Gratuitous Space Battles Forever!
Seems like GSB will win the Graphics category :smiley:

Despite I love the freedom in MC, I voted for GSB everywhere I could :smiley:

Never trust popular votings when it comes to know if something is better. Many people end up voting the only option they know about, discarding the ones they know nothing about.

That was really hard. My heart is split between GSB and Minecraft. My vote went to GSB because Cliff was first to request my vote, that’s it. Both are quality games I highly enjoy.