Please show your support (assuming you like the game :D) for GSB here:

(Nominated for Indie of the Year 2010)
Please vote using the big green button.

It would be good to get in the top 50.
Cheers :smiley:


or the kitten gets it!!!

edit: yes,you can use your moddb acc to log in there

“best described as a sci-fi tower defence game”

Without any towers, buildings, pathing enemies, waves (except as used in survival mode as an endless occurrence), no earning money for killing enemies, no lives count…

No, this is nothing like tower defence in the slightest. GSB could be said to have a puzzle aspect, as the mission fleets are fixed. But to say the game is anything like Tower Defence gives people a completely wrong impression about the game.

heh i didnt even read that…
who the hell wrote that,i wanna complain


Must be really heartening to read comments about where to find torrents of GSB Cliff. I guess some people are just scumbags.

Oh feel free to rate the game on that page too (on the right), by the way, it’s much appreciated. I removed the comments by kids with entitlement-issues on that page, :smiley:

Achtung! Our votes are for naught, for the system is pseudo democratic:

“The top 50 is determined by “quality” of vote. For example a vote from a long time member is worth more than a new members vote which is again worth more than a guests vote.”

and you spoiled all the fun of supporting…

That really sucks. They didn’t point that out. i guess the game thats been on indieDB the longest just automatically wins then. yay!

we could try signing a petition…
or sending suicide bombers and posters printed with pure hate :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted for Half Li… S***, i mean Gratuitous Space Battles, OF COURSE! ;D

Hot diggity daffodil i still voted though -.-