Industry Giant 2

Does anyone know if Industry Giant 2 is a good game and if it works with Vista as i think its a few years old now?

Also, has anyone played any other good games they would recommend? Preferably, not FPS’s, MMORPG’s or The Sims. I’ve played enough of them.

If your into Industry Giant, then you either should or should have heard of Capitalism 2. I discovered that a few months ago - even if it is ancient - it ran on my Vista laptop. And the depth was amazing. I just wish there was something else out there for detailed business in a city kind of simming.

I discovered Democracy today, and was just blown away by the amount of involvement, and attention cliffski gives it. And seeing a dev diary for a second version, I had to buy it to ‘put my vote in’ LOL.

To your first question though, I cant find my install disk anymore - even though I found the box hehe. But if Capitalism runs without changes - i cant see that big of a deal with Industry Giant. I dont recall it being that intensive on graphics.

Ooh, almost done downloading my purchase of Democracy - gotta go run my country.

If there are other indie games out there heavy in simulation - i’m hard pressed to find em. Democracy was quite the accidental find.

I too think that Capitalism II is an excellent game, and like you, only purchased it relatively recently, after remembering playing the demo years ago. It is certainly not without its flaws, however, and does show its age to an extent, and I would love to see a sequel or similar game released.

One of the things I love which is present in Capitalism II is the ability to trade in shares and ultimately control and take over other companies. I think far more (tycoon type) games should have this feature in them. I see this very rarely in such games, one example of a game it is in is Airline Tycoon, and I thought that it really added to the game. I once managed to take over one of the other companies after he idiotically issued a vast amount of new shares in his company, which resulted in him losing control of it to me. I almost bankrupted myself in doing it, but it was one of my favourite moments of what should have been quite a dull game, but actually worked thanks to features like this.

Great post byTomPhil
i agree with everything u said.

and i also miss some games like that…
Perhaps cliff could make some serious thinking about creating a game thatwould be something of a evolution to Captalism 2.
i think that te tycoon segment is very strong and with some depht and the stock trading and stuff it will be a enormeous hit for sure.
this might even be the idea that can give you the worldwide recognotion that u have been deserving for so long cliff.
i would for sure love to help in the development of such game, and altought i dunno anything about programming i have lots of ideas and experience in beta testing and helping to improve the gameplay of a game

Again, cliff, please consider this. If you make it, they will come.

I need more hours in the day