Industry Simulations

In Democracy 3, a mod called industrial revolution by Gikgik removed the technological advantage situation to instead disseminate the GDP out into industries simulating each major area of business. Some could be nationalised, hurting your ability to compete while ensuring they didn’t collapse. I consider it the best mod made for this franchise. I’d love to see those simulations modelled as transport, energy, water, and housing have been. From primary industry onward, they could be:

  • Process - mining, lumbering, oil
  • Agricultural - farming, fishing
  • Manufacturing & Construction - automotive, defence, building
  • Tech - electronics, pharmaceuticals
  • Financial - Banking, Insurance
  • Culture - Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Of particular interest was the mod’s capacity to allow for mixed economies by allowing state systems to compliment businesses they worked with, though the regulation and beurocracy attached could undermine the GDP in the interest of sustainability. Likewise, some could be deregulated leading to the neoliberal picture much of the west experiences now.


I think that this is a good idea, could you include the link for the mod here?

Here it is. I enjoyed it so much it became part of the game for me. I had to readjust to the base system for Democracy 4

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It’s for D3, how’re you playing it with D4? It’s compatible?

I’m not, that’s what the post was about.