Hi! Would it be possible to remove the upper cap on possible inertia of a policy effect in the game in the next patch ? I tried to create a Fusion Power Research policy, but to do this i need to place much more inertia to the effect than 32. I think other policies on the “long-run” side would also be possible this way.

This is a slightly non-trivial change, because the inertia is capped to the limit by which the game tracks historical values of every value. So if we have 5000 variables, and they have a history of 32 turns, that’s already 160,000 values. Doubling it means a ton more data. Not that this matters in terms of RAM, but it does in terms of save games, as it would double their size and loading / saving time. On older low-spec machines, that may be a pain.

The solution is to support variable-history lengths for different values, but that would involve some serious amount of testing. Not that it will never happen, just not this weekend :smiley: