Infantry and their quirks

Hi, I just bought the game on Steam and have been enjoying this game so far.

However, I noticed a few quirks regarding infantry, especially during defense mode.

Oft-times, I found myself noticing that a particular section of trench having only one(!) soldier left out of his entire squad, and being the lucky one, managed to stay alive for quite some time. This has the unintended effect of not being able to replenish this section of the defense, which while not fatal, is rather annoying. I was wondering if perhaps we should be allowed to replace a depleted squad with a fresh one, no matter how many remains. Or maybe allow Field Hospitals to replenish a squad, since they aren’t very useful otherwise.

Thats a good idea, the one about field hospitals replenishing infantry as well as healing them.

If you have had much experience with the field hospitals and infantry, youll see they are almost useless, as your infantry are almost 100% instant killed by even one mech/tank with a light MG.

Its why instead of hospitals, I only put down command centers -> higher DPS is better than a non-existent heal.

however, if it replenished troops it would then become much more of a balanced decision. You would still choose CC for infantry/turret spots, but for pure infantry spots hospital may be better than CC if it filled your troops back up again.

I do find Infantry does add to the dps, even if it is rather meager. They are really the fighter equivalent of GSB. Worthless in small amounts, really a pain when you start accumulating them. It’s just a shame any form of MG counters them so effectively.

(There are certain maps where you might as well fill the trenches with some boots, since turret slots are very limited.)

in principle I like the idea of the health support bases slowly replenishing nearby infantry, although it would need a lot of testing to make sure it isn’t too unbalanced a change. One of the big plus points of infantry is they have instant deployment, which is handy for when enemy units managed to squeeze past your turrets and they are heading close to the exits.

They are indeed handy when used for that purpose. But they aren’t really much help if they themselves get mowed down not thirty seconds later. (I always curse when it’s the MG tanks that slip past. El Almein is notorious for this when you’re facing off against the scenario units.) Compounded with a hard limit of four squads at any one time, it can get frustrating.

Thank you for considering the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure this limit is that you can only have four squads in reserve. If you wait a while, you can place more squads even after you already have four in the trenches.

Oh I know. But it kind of frustrating when the four squads you placed earlier were instantly mowed down by light MGs, and now you’re stuck with waiting for them to slowly replenish.

Infantry need to be vulnerable to machineguns, otherwise the speed they can mvoe at, and their relative cheapness (compared to their victory point value) would make them too powerful for the attacker. I do tend to use them more as attacker than defender though (except on thsoe maps where there seem to be lots of trenches, but very few good spots to place turrets).