Initial impressions

Just had a mess about with the beta for five minutes; pretty impressive, just as expected :slight_smile:

Issues I’ve noticed so far:

  • At 2560x1600, the rightmost 20% of the display is rendered incorrectly, with the pixels at around the 2000px mark just extended out to the edge.
  • At 2048x1536, the left and right sides of the display have a couple of inches of dead space, like it doesn’t realise it’s a widescreen resolution.
  • One awkward side-effect of having the buttons along the bottom; full-screen resolution in windowed mode places them (mostly) under the task bar, making it tricky to fix.
  • The Options menu is a bit confusing since it appears to lack an OK button. The “Main menu” button on the bottom left is very easy to miss at high resolution; I ended up just hitting Escape the first few times.
  • Battle screen is a bit irritating; mousewheel zoom direction is opposite every other game which uses it, and it doesn’t zoom in on where the cursor is pointing.
  • Standard smoothing effect is too blurry, imo. I feel like I need glasses or something.
  • Escape ends the battle, with no way back and no way to confirm or even go back to Deployment? Fired.