Inquiry as to typical delay for purclase completion

I just purchased Democracy 2 earlier today. However, I have still not received a download link nor an activation or validation code. This is the first such purchase I have made where I have not had the product made available to me nearly immediately after purchase. To wit, I am asking- what is the typical delay that people have seen from making the purchase to being able to download and play the full game?

I received it immediately as soon as I ordered it. Did you use a free e-mail network (I.E. Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc)? If so, it needs to be validated for security purposes before you get it.

Does Gmail count as such a ‘trustless’ email domain? If so, is there any way I can proactively contact the folks who are reviewing my transaction so that I can expedite its verification? (If you can’t tell, the demo impressed me enough in its depth that I greatly look forward to getting my hands on the full product :slight_smile:)

Edit: No sooner did I post this reply than I got my download link via email. Nevermind! :slight_smile: