Inquisition and Peacekeepers [races]

First groupe of races
Race name: Astyfylakas
Theme: High-Tech ship
Bonuses: Ultra-heavy-expansive-and-cruiser-size frigate, Heavy fighter support, effective ECM weapon
Backstory/other: A long time ago, a time where even the Nomad were a young race, there was the Astyfylakas. Providing peace though firepower, this conglomerate of races have stop many war before they begun by annihilating the two opponents. But once they have reach the paroxysm of their power, the peace was here, and it lasted a long time. Without war, the Astyfylakas became useless. They decided to put themselves in sleep, waiting the moment of a new war.
Recently, a battle occurred above PX23694, and many ships have crash on the planet. The resulting explosions awoke the peacekeepers.
Peace will prevail, but they have a lot and a lot of work!

Race name: Astyfylakas nanites
Theme: Energy bubble
Bonuses: Ultra versatile ship with only hardpoints, swarm attack.
Backstory/other: When Astyfylakas need more firepower what ECM, they deploy the Nanites clouds.
Alone, a nanite is a harmless and non visible robot, but in cloud, they are highly dangerous bubble of energy capable of quick adaptation and torpedoes volley launching! It’s too late to go back, prepare yourself for high scale battles!

Yes, the small ball at the bottom is a “fighter” group

Done with Spore before ponyus talk about it ^^


Race name: Inquisition
Theme: Rad + Fortress-ship
Bonuses: Shield, power, shield, slow and shield
A creature who live 11 time is normal lifetime is obligatory a god, THE only god.
It is what a renegade Order sect think about the Emperor of the Empire. In a few time, they became the most loyal troop of the Empire, enforcing imperial law beyond his normals frontiers. But Order guy, even if they work for the Empire, still Order guy, and began to shoot every people who don’t follow there faith to the Emperor, even imperial one. Pray the Emperor, the only god, or finish your life in the molten hull of your ship.

The Inquisition are the less done.

Still to do:
-Inquisition in totality (3 .dds excepted)
-Astyfylakas damaged and destroyed hull
-Astyfylakas turret.

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Man, this is awesome, this is much more than what I thought could be achieved with spore!
Awesome work man, awesome :smiley:

O.O Awesome !!
This was done in spore ??

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Yep, one week ago i noticed the potential of Spore galactic Adventures, but i didn’t said anything about it waiting for someone discovering it in the immediate future and…

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nice ships btw :slight_smile:



I have them in my “store” since 1.5 month ^^

Really good work with the ships and i like the little story (crazy order geezas xD) the race that was made in spore is my fave :smiley:

Honestly I thought Spore would look cartoony in-game, but now…
Ima try :slight_smile:

OW, the first design is awesome man. Keep the good work, im looking for spore and GA right away lol…

These two races look extremely cool, excellent job !

I’m quite impatient to see them ready & released.