Hey, this game sounds very nifty. Bought democracy, it is excellent, however, I would like some way to choose what updates to install - I really don’t like having to look at the EU flag :wink:

So far as Kudos is concerned, how can you leave out getting married and having kids (or even just living in sin)? Please find some way of including this, it would be a cool feature, what’s the point of being a grown up otherwise? :wink:

You might be able to get some inspiration from this game (Alter Ego):

Which, although listed as in the ESA, is available for download on some sites, and I have a copy somewhere I could email to you if you like. A true classic, a benchmark for life-sims, if a bit arbitrary.

I’d never heard of alter ego when I started Kudos but people keep pointing it out to me. As for the marriage thing, currently you cant get married or have kids, but you CAN have a relationship. Its a romantic relationship which makes you happy and less stressed, but it only goes so far (they never move in with you, for example).

Ahh okay. It is an excellent game, and it deals with some depressing situations (like real life, I suppose). I’d like to see an updated version of it one day (not necessarily changing the content, but a more accesible interface).

Looking forward to Kudos anyway. :smiley:

Have you heard of Real Lives? Another good life simulator, although with a much different emphasis it seems to Kudos and AE. Although cultural information etc. is excellent, I think what it needs is to be more of a game, and give the life stats more of an impact (it doesn’t really matter if all you do is watch t.v. for example). … _lives.htm

Yes I read about that game although I havent got around to giving it a try yet. Very interesting idea.

Real Lives:
WHAT!? There’s no videogames selection in the Leisure/Activities choices??? This game sucks!! :bulb: :wink:

13 years old
A major fire has hit Canada. 66 people have died and 27,000 others have been affected.
My family and I were not directly affected.
(Better luck next year eh? :wink: )

14 years old
(Started drinking)

17 years old
Met a new girl I like very much, named Wanda Woods.
Rejected by Wanda Woods.
(well that’s similar :stuck_out_tongue: )

18 years old
Decided to steal.
Stole goods worth 23,868 Canada dollars.

Graduated from secondary school.
Failed the college entrance examinations.
Failed to qualify for vocational school.
(I started with 68/100 Intelligence, no smoking and no drugs and yet I couldn’t get into college. There’s no choice on what subjects you want to take or school to go to. I can’t even choose to beat people up :confused: )

It seems too random, and yeah there’s a LOT of educational popups that are getting annoying.

  • Mike

You have to be really good to get to university. :wink: Also, never choose one of the two top diet choices, something and gourmande - you always die young, I assume of being obese.

Seeing as nobody seems to have pointed this out, there is a java implementation of alter ego at

The Author, Dan, seems to have stopped actively developing it, I am not sure how close to the original games it is, as i have not played them.

Cliffski: I posted about kudos on the boards there, so I hope you don’t mind me returning the favor here :wink:. I thoroughly enjoyed democracy and am looking forward to your next game, keep up the great work.

I hope you all enjoy this fantastic game in the more accessible format at the link above.


Alter Ego should be abandonware on

However I think it’s been ESPDA copy protected now but I’m not sure.

The thing with AE, was it was too time-speeded for me, i.e. I always ended up at 30 years of age yet still in the Teenage “mind-frame”… weird.

Kudos takes much longer, Ive been playing at mega-speed to debug it and it still takes hours to go a few years. but the game only has a ten year time frame anyway, from 20 - 30 years old.

That brings me to a question Cliff…

Is time going to be progressive (real-time etc) or will it be turn-day-based?

I think life is too short, so I’m kinda hoping the day-based one, but I’m presuming it’ll be weekly turns?

the game is turn based, each day is a single turn, but there are only 7 days in each month.

kudos 2 will be 30-40 with marriage and kids options…hope this helps 8)