Is there any way to start my installation again? Having bought the original game and now a bunch of DLC as they have emerged, nothing is working, there are files everywhere, and I would really rather they be somewhere else anyway.

Now, I suppose if I had bought it all through steam or impulse, this would not have been a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

uninstall the game, then run the installer again.

Which is where and called what?

If you bought the game directly from Cliff, you should have downloaded the installer somewhere, I can’t guess where you put your stuff :X Anyway you should have an email with a link to download it again.

As for uninstalling, just go to add/remove programs and remove GSB from there. If you can’t find it, then just remove the Gratuitous Space Battles folder that most likely you put in c:\program files\ or c:\program files(x86). If you also want to remove all progress, delete the gratuitous space battles folder found in My docs\My Games\

I tried the demo, and the installer for that is called GSBDemoInstaller.exe.
Then I bought the collector’s edition, called GSBCollectorsInstaller.exe.

So look in your downloads folder or anywhere else you stash things like that, for .exe files that start with GSB and include the word Installer.

Hope that helps.

Edit: I just remembered that if you have an old installer (prior to 1.45) you will need to download the whole installer again anyway, because the patches won’t work for you… you will be missing things like the shield support beam and stuff.

So hunt in your email for a message from with download instructions and fetch the full installer from the website.

Nevermind, got the situation fixed.

Thanks to all posters for trying to help.

I guess it is because i bought the original game through Impulse, and all the expansions direct. I can reinstall the game easy enough, and then try and find all the emails from BMT for the add-ons.

In all honesty, I will probably give up before I get that done.