Installer crash

When I try to install the game, the installation program seems to automatically close itself down after a few seconds. This might be a problem with my computer, but I’ve never experienced it before and it’s extremely irritating…

Edit: Okay, looks like it’s my computer, but still, any suggestions?

Hi, I can put together a zipped copy instead but that will take a while. I use inno setup:

Maybe there’s some clash with something on your system. I’ll take a look at possible incompatibilities tomorrow (midnight here now), but if needed, I can always make a zipped copy for you.

It seems like it might be a problem with my computer. I tried to install several other things and some of the ones with an installation similar to Democracy crashed…

However, I installed that installer programme without it crashing at all.

Well, it may or may not be a problem with this machine, I’m not sure, but most programs seem to install without any trouble. I’d appreciate it if I could get the game another way because as it is I’m unable to play.

I’ll sort this out today. I’m updating the game a bit today, so once the new versions uploaded I’ll sort out a zipped copy for you.

Thanks Cliffski!