Installing mods on Macs

I’m having issues with installing mods to Democracy 3. I’m not using the steam version.

I’ve put the relevant .txt file for the mods in the /data/mods folder and it shows up in-game, but I’ve tried putting the mod folder in /data & /data/mods, but the policies aren’t showing up when I start a new game. (Have read too)

Help much appreciated!

don’t know if the answer is still needed, if so:
put the modfolder into

they should work fine.
if you want to put them into another directory like
/data or
you have to change the path in the mods txt file from

path = "modfolder"


path = "/data/modfolder"


path = "/data/mods/modfolder"

not sure if you need the / before data or not. just try it and you will know.

Next mac release will have a SIGNIFICANTLY simpler approach to installing mods… Simply drag the .zip on-top of the game (or on the game icon).