Installing the DLC to the steam version of the game

First of all my apologies for commiting the cardinal newb sin of creating a new topic as my first post, but I genuinely can’t find the answer to this anywhere. Anyway, I bought the DLC today (I got GSB in a steam bundle and it was awesome, thus my continued support :slight_smile: ) but I’m having one hell of a time installing the DLC. HOW THE HELL DO I DO IT?!?!!?!? Where should I be installing to in the steamapp file (or should it be somewhere else)? Thanks!

I’m getting create process failed; code 2 if that helps.

DLC should be installed to the “common” folder in steamapps. The GSB folder should be added to the path automatically.

Thanks! Worked like a charm! Can’t wait to get my butt kicked in campaign :smiley: