Installing website Mods


I have downloaded some mods you have on the website that really interest me and I have extracted them and it says they have been installed into Democracy 3 File however when I then open the game on steam these mods have not been installed and available.

I read on the site something about putting the files into the Mod file within the Democracy 3 file on the PC drive but I cannot see a Mod file when I view these files. Please excuse me I am not too good on computers so would appreciate your help in trying to give me an easy explanation as to how I install these website modifications into the game when it opens.

I thank you for your help


There exist two main ways to download mods from the Democracy 3 website, you can either use .exe file or .zip files.

Using the windows installer maybe the easier option for you since you simply insert the file locations of the Democracy 3 game in your PC and the installer will install the mod for you.

If you are wanting to utilise zip files, then you should go to your Democracy 3 folder and go into data and then mods (mine is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 3\data\mods) and then extract the txt file inside the zip file.

You then go back to the main Democracy 3 folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 3) and extract the folder of the mod, which contains all the data.

The txt file exists so that the mod appears on the mod list when running the game and to state what folder a mod belongs to.

Note that if you are using the Steam version of Democracy 3, you can use the Steam Workshop to download mods as well.

Hope that helps

If you bought the steam version I would say just go download mods from the worksbop instead. The ontegration is seamless.