Instructions on translate

Hi! I am a big fan of the game, “Democracy 2”. My native language - Russian. I do not believe that this game will be in Russian. Please give me instructions on translate of “Democracy 2” (which file, how)?


I think the data base is very smooth for translate everything…
I speak french and i m a fan too of this game… So I almost translated 90% of the game in… French !
Every policies, pressure etc. The most thing important, translated !

How is it works ?

  • open files like : STRING with WORDPAD… and the most thing with “” is good for translate
    in the folder Simulation, you have big documents… Voters, Policies etc., you need to change a lot of things to your native language :slight_smile:

Be carefull, take time to save the original text somewhere… the first attempt of translating is not everytime perfect lol ( some bug can crash the game if you touch bad things)

If you need some help i could give you more informations !

Thanks for the answer!
Yes, I need help.I am now working on the file: \Democracy2\data\simulation\Policies.csv
Any change of the file results in the failure of the game. In what version Excel created this file? My program Excel 2003 version.

Second question:
how to make sure that you can see Russian font? Russian font is displayed erratic characters.

I couldn’t save usable CSV files from Excel. It didn’t save the CSV file precisely the same way that it was written (and expected by the game). I can’t remember what Excel did wrong, but it may have insisted on double-quoting strings where the game can not tolerate double-quotes. I just remember that I couldn’t coerce Excel to do it right, not even when saving as a CSV.

You might use Excel to read read-only copies of CSV files more easily, but you should do all of your editing using a plain text editor on a separate working copy.

Don’t open it with EXCEL… it was my first error…
OPEn and EDIT with a NOTEPAD !!!

difficult for me to answer…
It will be a question for the Programmer, i don’t no if the program support Russian Font (also Chinese Font etc.) … :s

Thank you all for your answers!
There was one, and most important, problem: fonts.Perhaps you did not come across this (Latin font you), but we did not see Cyrillic font.
In which folder or which file that you need to change or add to the game, new fonts?

Don t know…
But for the fonts try to write to Cliffski…