Insurance and Insurance Tax?

Have you considered adding Insurance policies that we could make mandatory and then add a tax to profit off of it, sort of what Obamacare is doing?

Obamacare could probably be modeled into the game as a single policy but gosh would it get complex. A better way would be to break it down into its separate components and model them each as separate policies.

Based on a cursory reading of Wikipedia it looks like Obamacare makes private health insurance mandatory with subsidies for the poor and middle income, paid for by taxes on higher-end insurance and increased taxes and fees for private health companies and the medical industry. It also changes some regulations around pricing and standards and sets up these ‘insurance exchanges’ to increase competition’.

So to break that down very roughly, maybe…
Individual Mandate: Skyrocket of Private Health Care takeup, slight ‘everyone’ reputation hit
Health Insurance Subsidies: (-wealthy income, +poor income) multiplied by PHC takeup
Insurance Exchanges: (small +GDP * PHC takeup, slight +poor income * PHC takeup, small cost)
Insurance Standards: (+equality, -GDP, +health * PHC takeup)
Health Industry Tax: Revenue multiplier: (Private Health Insurance takeup rate * GDP) plus the usual health multiplier [default,0.6;TobaccoUse,0+(0.1x);AlcoholConsumption,0+(0.2x);Environment,0.2-(0.1x);Alcoholism,0.1+(0.1x)] or something

And throw in some reputation effects too.

Or maybe I’ve got this all wrong…

Anyway, I might as well throw these policies together and give them a go in-game. I’ll let you know what happens.

Might be worth passing this topic over to the modding thread?

I’d make a mod of that except for the fact I can’t draw worth crap.