Intelligence Matters

Intelligence matters is a mod that modifies votertypes.csv to add in intelligence as a characteristic for some voters. Because that file cannot be appended to like other .csv files (probably due to gui concerns) you’ll have to replace your Democracy 3/data/simulation/votertypes.csv file with the one I provide. Yes, it overflows the GUI a bit, but I rearranged things to make it more logical and the only ones you can’t see properly are Parents and Everyone.

Existing policies have been overridden in many cases to allow compatibility. The mod is designed for use by those with all three DLC. In addition, it has a couple other overrides if you’re playing with select mods that can be added to the overrides folder. These can be found in Intelligence/data/mod dependencies/.

There are also some new policies including one that involves work on an artificial super intelligence. It takes 24 turns to implement during which your populace will likely become quite unhappy with you. If you can survive the implementation time, you may think of it as a victory condition for the game.

Because I’m relatively new to the game and am not yet fully acquainted with balance, I have tried to balance this reasonably well, but I make no promises. This is also my first mod, so there’s that.

I plan on putting this on the steam workshop after a bit of feedback.
Intelligence (86.6 KB)

this is a good mod.

For the record, the mod was updated yesterday to add in a picture for the ASI policy.

u dont update your relationship mod.why ?