Interested in Modding?

Is anyone interested in making a Mod of Eve Online with me?

That game really was a lot of fun but it died for me when you absolutely had to be in a fleet to do anything (because the game keeps getting bigger and everyone is with bigger and bigger gangs when they go out). However, this game could allow me to control the entire fleet rather than just a single ship.

I basically think I would be talking about making some new guns, ships, and modules. The ships from Eve would be Battleships = GSB Cruisers, Battlecruisers = GSB Frigates, and Cruisers = GSB Fighters. The mods would primarily be similar but not the same for sure. I would like to make the project into somewhat of an educational experience as well with videos and information to show others how to do this.

Besides all of the resources online to create this information there are actually models people have already converted from lightwave to this origami software so you can build these ships from paper. This software allows for a model view and it would be very easy to get images of these ships. I don’t have the lightwave models but I do have the other.

Please let me know if your interested.

actually thought about this idea myself. also was thinking about a homeworld mod maybe… let me poke at the weapons files and what not see if i can get the hang of modding it and if i can, i’ll toss up a few eve weapon ideas at ya.

I’m not sure that I know a very specific way to say it but I love how this game is “designed”. Basically how it was left with all the configuration wide open rather than say inside an executable or compressed/encrypted archives. I really like the concept they have taken with this game. I hadn’t heard of the company before but you can imagine that I will be following them from now on.

I hope to see more titles similar to this or even a more “extreme” and in my mind maybe the ultimate idea - to just provide a game engine and resources such as textures and so on and the users build their own game.

Anyway, I think you will get the hang of modding this pretty easily. I liked homeworld but I don’t think it fits as much as Eve.

It would be nice if there was a way to easily add more ship classes and in turn the commands you can give the ships would dynamically be available for the new class. Lets say create a Battlecruiser class and a new filter icon would appear, new class appears as a target, ect.

more classes and ships are big wants by the users so i’m sure they will add something to the engine just like they added support for mods with their own folders.

and i don’t quite see how eve, a mmo game where you only really run one ship at a time though can through other players try to run whole battle fleets. Is more fitting then an RTS where you are managing a whole fleet from the outset.

Well Eve online is completely about holding onto their player base. You only get better as your account ages.

It’s great for people like myself who go on stints of playing other games but in the meantime still keep getting better because of how their system works. However that means it is harder for new players to join and impossible to catch up.

Now, Eve’s play style makes people do what I did (have 3 accounts) and basically form a small group with one person. Another friend of mine from RL had 3 accounts as well so we would form a small gang. If we didn’t have 6 ships it would be impossible to go out into the zero zero security zones (I’m not sure if you play so this might not make sense). The Eve playstyle completely depends on voicechat, a corporation (clan) and good teamwork to do anything. That is why I think this game engine can do what they do only better.

I see this game engine using Eve’s ships and equipment being pretty balanced. The only real problem I see is due to 3 classes of ships. I think I can accomplish a balance with the classes, that isn’t the issue, however the commands you give the ships to perform will be broken. For example if I were to have more classes of ships I could use frigates as a tackle ship, battleships as the support boats, battlecruisers as the damagers, cruisers as the multipurpose.

Only being able to have three classes doesn’t allow for the ability to have your fighters (switching back to GSB language) attack the tackle ships first. To some degree you may be able to fix that by placement on the map but for the most part it just won’t work.

If Cliff is reading this maybe he can tell how much I want to be a part of the development team :slight_smile: