interface niggles

i just started playing, and am having a blast, but i noticed a couple of little issue with the interface

  1. on th loading screen, after i hit the “start battle” button, it makes me hit a key on the keyboard when my hand is already on the mouse. can it also start the battle on a mouse click? most games accept a “click to continue” on splash screens, and it is annoying here because i always click and nothing happens. . .

  2. arrow selection on the hull selector needs to scroll down individual hulls, not just the scroll bar. actually i would like to see more keyboard control in the build screen in general. something like “1” selects the module panel, and arrows move around to select the modules, and “tab” selects the tabs at the top, while “2” selects the ship and arrow key allow you to select which bay is selected. “3” maybe brings up the hull selector. combine this with “ctrl-s” to save and “ctrl-l” to load and you don’t really have to even touch the mouse to build a ship. this would be helpful since i prefer to use the keyboard when i am thinking hard about what to use.

if the above 2 sound contradictory, think of it this way, i build a ship with the keyboard (selecting bays then modules for those bays with the keyboard), click done with the mouse, drag the ship to the field with the mouse, click start battle with the mouse, and finally click on the splash screen to start the battle. it keeps me from having to switch back and forth between the two constantly, and that adds some nice polish.

Mouse clicks work fine for me on that screen.

really?! it never works for me, and i do it all the time out of habit. . .

Yup, mouse clicks serve the same as keys there. They certainly do on my test PC’s. Are you 100% sure they aren’t working? If so, is it just that PC? all the time?

i restarted the game and it works now. no idea what the problem was. you can probably chalk it up to PEBKAC though. that is who i would blame :wink:

any chance on getting the more expansive keboard controles later on? like i said, not a big issue, just nice to have.

thanks for the great game.