Interface Suggestions

-Let us zoom out more. It’s tough to get a sense of some battles. The viewscreen is taken up by just a few cruisers
-Add keyboard shortcut for the Mass Deploy option. I suggest Shift+Click when either selecting a ship to deploy, or Shift+Release click when dragging a ship into the deployment area
-Allow further time compression, 8x, 12x, 20x
-Change the time compression icon to the standardized Fast Forward icon. It currently uses a Play button which suggests returning to normal speed from Pause.

Statistics does not provide the glut of information I expected. Some of the items I expected to see:
-Weapon by weapon breakdown of hits/reflection/absorbtion
-How long a ship survived before dying
-How long shields lasted before failing
-How long Armor lasted before failing
-Kill/Assist stats per ship

Each of these could be added via Tooltip popup on hovering over a module or ship so as not to force changing the layout of the screen.

Actually I had noticed this but hadn’t really thought about it. True enough. Also, the “reduce speed” button could be misconstrued as “go back”, since it’s a simple left-pointing arrow. Not sure how that one would work though. Don’t suppose anyone has a CD or DVD player with “speed up” and “slow down” buttons that have icons on them?

I only bought the game Monday, but I occasionally make the mistake of clicking the arrows when attempting to unpause.

The standard buttons for fast forward and rewind/slow down are generally double arrows.

Of course, you could just make the arrows also unpause the game, and that bit wouldn’t matter. A return to normal speed option wouldn’t be a bad idea, though.

I’ve noticed something odd between my desktop at work (on lunch breaks, of course!) and my laptop at home. On my laptop, in the ship building screen, there’s an extra button for viewing a ship’s armor and shield rating as you build it. On the desktop, which is not widescreen, it simply appears along the bottom.

Having to click that extra button absolutely drives me crazy, although I realize it’s a minor complaint. I’ve tried forcing another resolution and it doesn’t seem to work. Even at the cost of screen real estate, I’d rather have the information bar along the bottom, to see how the stats change as you drag and drop components.

Another quirk I ran into while attempting to troubleshoot the issue was that when I switched to windowed mode instead of “full-screen”, the areas of the screen you need to click to activate the menu buttons remained exactly where they would be in full-screen mode.

In other words, while the buttons for the menus appeared above the Windows taskbar, you actually have to click below them, where the taskbar is located, to activate them. Which in Windows 7 is impossible. I thought I was screwed until I simply turned off the taskbar, went into options, and switched it back to full-screen. It kind of makes windowed mode unusable, but I’m not sure how often that comes up.

That’s odd. My computer isn’t currently widescreen, and I do have the stats button to view the armor, shield and HP status of the ship as currently designed.

I agree that it might be more immediately helpful (and I might pay more attention) if the stats were constantly displayed.

I’m guessing it’s related to resolution. After I installed GSB on my work PC and saw that the stats were in a bar along the bottom, I was ecstatic because I just figured the game had been updated between when I bought it Monday and yesterday, and it’s a feature I hadn’t even thought of needing yet. As soon as I got home, I re-downloaded and re-installed, and realized that this was not the case.