Intermittent crash during battle


I’m getting an intermittent crash during battles.
OS: Ubuntu 11.04 32bit
GPU: Nvidia GTX400 series using closed source drivers

Here’s the log file:

[code]Crash Log: GSB for Linux, Build: 2011-12-23T15:20:16Z

==== STACK TRACE ====


Let me know if there is any further information required, I didn’t want to post kitchen sink stuff without reason.



Unfortunately it looks like the stack is corrupted there. As the only readable entry is the top one which is from the crash handler.

See if you can run it through GDB and get a (possible) better stack trace. When it crashes in GDB run

thread apply all bt

NOTE, you’ll have to run the game in windowed mode in order to switch to your debugger.

I’m missing something here, is that a command?

Because I get:

james@livingroom:~$ thread apply all bt thread: command not found

OK, I get it, something to do with ‘gdb’

Tried it, and, of course, it hasn’t crashed yet! ><;;