Internal messaging working?

So far this is what I’'m getting:

Mostly messages about random fleets being defeated. But nothing that isn’t system generated it seems. I’m kinda wondering if my own comments are getting through when I make them. (Mrblitz? You and your cowardly tribe cruisers seem to get a disproportionate number of them written.)

In addition I think I’m being haunted by the bottom two of those messages. I keep deleting them, They keep coming back.

Finally, I think we’re going to need a title option for challenges. Being told which map I’ve lost a conflict on doesn’t tell me much. Most of my challenges are on the same map. I figure all current challenges would have the map they’re on, or the first part of their taunt used for their title, while future challenges could have proper names. Alternativly, I suppose with the custom challenge option being used to make new map names. (even when they’re the same) could be a work around.

Names for challenges is definitely something that might be worth adding. if you save a custom map before you issue it as a challenge, you effectively name it then, but that’s far from obvious :smiley:

Yeah… Maybe put the first few words of the challenge description in the message.